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Bill Frisell looks back at the ?Space Age? / The Aspen Times review

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Bill Frisell will play the Aspen District Theatre on Tuesday. The 63 year old guitarist has been reminiscing about his childhood in Colorado recently. The roots of his renowned genre-spanning career were in Denver in the early 1960s, where a young Frisell discovered surf music and first picked up a guitar. His most recent album – titled "Guitar in the Space Age!" – returns Frisell to the foundation of his musical life and the songs that shaped him.

"I'm looking at the music that got me really fired up about music in the first place, but also realizing I've never really played it," Frisell said in a recent phone interview.

The record includes Frisell's inspired instrumental interpretations of songs like the Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and the Kinks' "Tired of Waiting for You," along with surf classics like the Chantays' "Pipeline" and the Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl," which was the first record Frisell ever bought.

The album also includes Frisell's take on the Boulder-based surf rock band the Astronauts' 1963 hit "Baja." It was a time when a band from a landlocked state might make surf music, and an equally land-locked kid, like Frisell, might obsess about surfing based on that music. READ THE FULL Aspen Times REVIEW