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Score! 5 things directors should learn about working with composers / MovieMaker

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From Matt Schrader - Three years ago, I packed up my things at my desk in a Sacramento television news station and walked out of the building jobless. I'd spent the first nine years of my career in journalism, but left emboldened by an idea for a documentary I hoped to see through-the secret lives of the world's most famous musicians.

"Musicians" is a severe understatement. The idea was to capture a part of how composers of the world's most iconic films and television programs craft music that makes us cry and gives us goosebumps. Or perhaps music that lifts the spirits of millions of people every day in movie theaters, theme parks and even sports arenas. We live in a world that is scored, and I intended for Score: A Film Music Documentary to unravel some of the creative secrecy behind these maestros of the modern age.

What followed was two years of interviews with composers like Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, Trent Reznor, and Quincy Jones. In all, more than 60 interview subjects-many eager to share what's been bottling up for decades in their soundproofed music studios. Though most will never be recognized on the street, the superstar talent is undeniable to anyone seeing these maestros at work. The 5 elements are

1. Time = Success

2. Find Your Shorthand With Your Composer

3. Make Sure All Ideas Are Welcome

4. Composers Are Filmmakers Too

5. Variety is King

Score: A Film Music Documentary by Matt Schrader opens in theaters in select cities June 16, 2017, and is now available for pre-order through iTunes or the film's website, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.     READ THE FULL MovieMaker Magazine ARTICLE