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Ron Carter Trio@Catalina Jazz Club / review

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Longtime, highly successful bassist Ron Carter brought his dynamic trio to Catalina's Jazz Club for a three-day run, July 24-26. His interesting trio is on tour for several weeks and is made up of remarkable all- star performers, Donald Vega (piano) and Russell Malone (guitar).  

I have been a fan of Carter's for now fifty years, going back to the mid-sixties with his important and dynamic role in the best Miles Davis Quintet (in my opinion).  He also has gathered a long list of musical credits during approximately six decades performing jazz as a premier bassist.  The instrumentation of the Carter trio is somewhat unorthodox in not having the usual piano, bass, drums situation, but Carter is a strong bassist.  This mix makes a memorable sound – both as a unison voice and trio-wise in backing each member solos.  READ THE FULL REVIEW