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The Hot Sardines present 'Holiday Stomp!' / Maryville Daily Times

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It was musical chemistry at first sight when Elizabeth Bougerol first approached Evan Palazzo at a jazz jam above a Manhattan noodle shop back in 2007. Or rather, first listen, Palazzo told The Daily Times this week. "She asked me if I knew this song called ‘Your Feet's Too Big' by Fats Waller, which is very obscure, and not very many people play it - but it happens to be one of my favorites that he did, and I taught myself to play it by ear when I was a kid," Palazzo said. "We immediately had a connection about the kinds of music we were passionate about. It was apparent immediately that we had a lot in common: We grew up listening to music in our homes respectively; I lived in France for several years; she was born in France. The Hot Sardines present "Holiday Stomp!" Friday, Dec. 2 at the Clayton Center for the Arts, 502 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, on the Maryville College campus.

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