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Morricone 60 - PopMatters review

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Morricone 60 is the sound of the composer taking a brief pause to look into his rearview mirror before continuing into the future. Ennio Morricone has been professionally scoring movies for 60 years now, an occasion that he and Decca have decided to commemorate with a collection where the composer conducts the Czech National Symphony through 23 career highlights. So Morricone 60 is a bit of a rerecorded "greatest hits" compilation, one that will never be accused of "messing with the gospel", so to speak. Only the non-chronological track sequencing may throw off only the most unforgiving film buff. Apart from that, listening to Morricone 60 is like sitting in an opulent theater, listening to one of the world's top symphonies giving a 73-minute program in tribute to one of the greats in cinematic music.