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Simone Dinnerstein set to play Simms PAC / Albuquerque Journal

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Noted pianist Simone Dinnerstein is asking her May 8 concert audience to keep their minds, and their ears, open. For the program, Dinnerstein will meld music by two famous composers – Philip Glass, a living American minimalist, and Franz Schubert, who died in 1828. Each half of the Chamber Music Albuquerque concert has its own title. The first half is "Seven Pieces." "I play continuously, going back and forth between Glass and Schubert," Dinnerstein said in a phone interview. "It's a kind of suite." It features "Metamorphosis One" by Glass plus four impromptus and two etudes by Schubert.

For the second half of the program, called "Five Pieces," she will play a Glass etude and the four movements of a Schubert sonata. "I think there's a really interesting, thought-provoking connection between Schubert's and Glass' music. Both have a lot of elements in common, patterns, using harmony in a particularly expressive way," Dinnerstein said. "Schubert will often have these kinds of modulations, harmonics that are surprising. In my mind, he is looking ahead toward 20th century popular music."

And she thinks Glass likes the element of surprise.  READ THE FULL Albuquerque Journal ARTICLE