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John Williams, Steven Spielberg - Ultimate Collection / review

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John Williams and Steven Spielberg. Two names that will warm the hearts of any lover of film or music out there. But then you combine them and get a humongous string of great collaborations. Besides Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann there's probably no director/composer combo more famous than the one that gifted the world with "E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial", "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" among many others. Williams is a legend, a film composer whose work constantly gets performed live on stage e.g. on the Krakow Film Music Festival, where in two weeks musical selections from "Star Wars" will be performed live – a year after 15.000 people enjoyed "Raiders of The Lost Ark" being performed live to the full film. Spielberg's status shouldn't be dismissed either, for he constantly shapes the world of cinema, be it with the earth-shattering effects of "Jurassic Park" or the heart wrenching storytelling of "E.T.".

Naturally, there are many albums dedicated their run-time to the countless milestones. The "John Williams – 40 Years Of Film Music" compilation by PRIMETIME filled two of its four CDs only with the maestro's music for Spielberg movies, for example.