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Bela Fleck interview on MPR: New Classical Tracks

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Béla Fleck has been playing bluegrass, jazz and world music most of his career. He's also dabbled in classical music, earning a Grammy Award for best classical cross-over album with bassist Edgar Meyer for their recording, Perpetual Motion, in 2001.

Julie Amacher from Minnesota Public Radio's: New Classical Tracks sat down with And Béla Fleck to discuss the new album:
The Impostor, as well as other scintilating topics including; how he first fell in love with the banjo at age five. Fleck says: "When I was 15, my grandfather turned up with a banjo, right before I started high school, and said, here you go. You think you could do anything with this? And then it was in my hands and then there was nothing I could do but play it every second."