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Snarky Puppy plays Denver's Ogden Theatre / HeyReverb

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It's hard to pinpoint a modern act as talented and prolific as the fusion collective Snarky Puppy. This year, the band earned their 2nd Grammy (for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album) and released their eleventh studio effort, "Culcha Vulcha." Armed with their usual arsenal of heavyweight players and cerebral compositions, the ensemble was eager to please a polite sold-out crowd on Tuesday night at the Ogden Theatre. The music of Snarky Puppy is not something your body reacts to so much as your mind. Much time is spent deciphering the patterns of bassist and bandleader Michael League, whose playing consistently jumps between time signatures and places minimalist accents in all the odd places. By the time you think you have it figured out, they are on to the next song.