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Tina Guo releases new Wonder Woman theme video / EPICSTREAM

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Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was probably one of the best reveals in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it was all accompanied by Hans Zimmer's amazing Wonder Woman theme. The cellist behind the theme, Tina Guo, has released a new music video of herself playing the theme, and it's only a shame that Gal Gadot wasn't able to contribute to the video at all. According to Nerdist, Guo herself is a talented musician who has trained in classical music, and she also enjoys adding rock elements to the pieces that she works on. Though the video here is for Guo's personal amusement, she's still on board to work on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

Seeing that this is Guo's personal project, she may not have had the rights to use any actual Wonder Woman imagery in the music video. There are bits of Guo covered in mud which seems to allude to Diana's line in the trailer about being molded in clay and "brought to life by Zeus." Hopefully, Warner Bros. doesn't take down the video because it is a pretty badass theme.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.  WATCH THE VIDEO via EPICSTREAM