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Madeleine Peyroux set for Old Rock House /

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For her latest album, "Secular Hymns," blues/jazz/pop singer Madeleine Peyroux was able to record in an idyllic place: a small church in rural Oxfordshire, England, in front of an audience of about a hundred or so. The songs, which include such gems as Townes Van Zandt's "The Highway Kind," Willie Dixon's "If the Sea Was Whiskey" and Sister Rosetta Tharpe's not-so-secular "Shout Sister Shout," were recorded live, but "Secular Hymns" isn't a conventional live album, in that the audience, though present, is silent throughout - a fact that came as something of a surprise to the artist herself. "I did the whole concert thinking, ‘Wow, they're so reserved," Peyroux says by phone from her tour bus, on her way to a show in Dallas. "They were giving me all these facial expressions like, ‘This is great,' but not making any noise at all.

In St. Louis, Peyroux will headline at the Old Rock House, but elsewhere, she's splitting the bill with singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE