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Ramin Karimloo Opens Up About His Human Heart

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"We're constantly growing as people" said actor, musical theater performer, and now songwriter, Ramin Karimloo, when he sat down with Max Horowitz of Crossover Media. Discussing his song "Broken Home," Karimloo was opening up about one of the original songs on his new album Human Heart.

Karimloo has experience growth not only as a person, but as a performer in the past year by diving into the recording industry as a singer/songwriter. Human Heart is an album that not only includes original songs that showcase the depth of Karimloo's writing abilities, but covers and renditions of various genres of music. "Music of the Night" from the musical Phantom of the Opera, "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams, and "Guiding Light" by Muse are all performed by Karimloo who takes his life experience as well as his performing prowess to create creative, fresh interpretations of these various works.

Listen below to hear Karimloo discuss how "tragically hip" songwriters influence his own writing, and how he stumbled upon the chance of becoming a recording artist.