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Inbal Segev feature in NUVO

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Just a few weeks ago, Israeli-born cellist Inbal Segev was giving a concert in Brooklyn of all six Bach Cello Suites, arguably a pinnacle of the cello repertoire, over two days. (That performance came only a few days after the news of her recording of said work made the first rounds of Grammy nominations.) Just the other day she was playing Beethoven with the Amerigo Trio (of which she's a founding member) and now, fast forward in the repertoire nearly two centuries, Segev will be performing Dmitri Shostakovich's Cello Concerto no. 1 in E flat with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra. Jumping from genre to genre seems like it might induce a sort of musical whiplash, but Segev spoke of the challenge with relish. "From playing the Bach, which is soft, more vibrant, to the Shostakovich which has a cutting sound, almost ugly….and that's ok! I'm kind of a chameleon, I try to play everything!" she said laughing.

And play everything she certainly seems to do. She's recorded Bach, Beethoven, and Boccherini, and then commissioned works from Avner Dorman, Timo Andres, and Gity Razaz. Right after speaking about all of that, she went on about playing tangoes in South America, and it was clear how passionate and driven Segev is about the instrument she chose to play at age 5. "I always want to challenge myself, I want to find new things. Whatever is good, I want to play it!"   READ THE FULL NUVO ARTICLE