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Yo-Yo Ma was@Fenway Forum / BDCwire

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Yo-Yo Ma was one of the panelists on Sunday's "Fenway Forum: What's the Right Thing to Do?"-one of the first events of Boston's HUBweek. The forum explored the ethical dilemmas of technology's role in our everyday lives. Alongside Ma, an array of personalities contributed to the panel: entrepreneur Arianna Huffington, television writer Alexis Wilkinson, research scientist Andrew McAfee, and professor Sherry Turkle.

Regarding music, Ma said "One note can be replicated by anyone. Ask someone to play a second note, and the way they join the first and second notes relies on their muscular makeup but also what they want to hear inside. That path from one note to the next is different for everyone. This comes down to the idea of the human spirit getting to something beyond the finite. It's part of every human being."