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'Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers' is an outstanding album filled with magnificent simplicity / Best New Age CDs

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2006 was an important year. It was the year a mutual friend introduced Robert Thies and Damjan Krajacic.  Robert is a classical concert pianist who won a Gold Medal in the Prokofiev Competition in Russia, as well as having a music recording career in the film and television industry. Damjan, a native of Croatia, is a jazz flutist and holds a Master of Music degree in Afro-Latin Music. This fortuitous meeting led to the beginning of their musical collaborations, and Robert and Damjan released their first album, "Difference," in 2006.

In 2012, they released the first of the "Blue Landscapes" series, which is now three albums of original compositions and meditative improvisations on flute and piano.  Following, in 2016, was "Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries." And now we have "Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers," which was released in late January 2020, on the Real Music record label.  

"Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers," is almost an hour and a quarter of total relaxation. And this is 15 improvised tracks of piano and flute that go "beyond the traditional colors of the instrument," as Damjan says.  All the music on the album consists of piano and two flutes, a regular C flute and a bass flute. There are no synths on this album. What's interesting and impressive, even, is that they've created incredibly unique textures and sounds that do exactly that. For example, on "Forest Path," Robert created an amazing looped rhythmic underlay with the piano strings. And Damjan's relationship with his flute is symbiotic. It's as if they are one. I've not heard flute playing quite as extraordinarily beautiful as this. It sounds other-worldly and ethereal as in the wonderful, "Abandoned Monastery."

"'Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers,'" is an absolutely outstanding album filled with magnificent simplicity, softly cocooned inside incredible textures that go beyond the ‘traditional colors of piano and flute.' This is one to get lost in and find yourself at the same time. Extraordinarily beautiful." – Dyan Garris