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Mutterissimo on New Classical Tracks

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New Classical Tracks is a Syndicated Feature airing Nationally on Classical 24 & Statewide on Minnesota Public Radio. Listen to Julie Amacher's Feature with Anne-Sophie Mutter.       LISTEN TO SEGMENT

READ THE TRANSCRIPT -  One of the greatest violinists of our time is celebrating her 40th anniversary as a performer. So, what, you might be thinking, surprises Anne-Sophie Mutter the most about this accomplishment? "That there is so my repertoire out there that I haven't started yet!" Mutter recently released "Mutterissimo" - a collection of work representing the last 20 years of her career. "As the bridge also suggests on the cover of the CD, the bridge which is part of the violin so to speak of the set-up of the violin where the four strings run over and the bridge itself of course is you know the bridging between the centuries of music history. I was going for diversity and of course I try to avoid if possible any doubles with other albums which over the past 40 years have also coupled repertoire. So it's basically really a collection of music of different eras."