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Max Richter - Sleep / Splice Today

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Classical and minimalist composer Max Richter has given the world a remarkable work of art. Described by Richter as a  "personal lullaby for a frenetic world" and "a manifesto for a slower pace of existence," Sleep is an eight-hour classical piece, which features piano, strings, and vocals fused with gentle electronics. It's Philip Glass on Xanax.

Sleep is also a reminder of the deaths and rebirths that are part of our lives. Richter's work was composed in consultation with the American neurologist David Eagleman as a way for him to explore the effect music has on subconscious minds. Richter: "For me, sleeping and music are both altered states; they are different ways of perceiving the world and relating to the world... I feel like they are intuitively connected in some way-the lullaby tradition is globally universal, so this idea of sleeping to music is obviously something as a species we like doing." Sleep has song titles like "Dream 19," "Cassiopeia" and "Patterns." The notes repeat over and over, with subtle touches of violin and electronica. It could be viewed as a total lack of imagination, but I think it's pure genius.