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Lang Lang and the the broader impact of music education / tes

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Lang Lang, one of the world's leading classical pianists, says that schools need to recognise the broader impact of music education In a large, white classroom in Harlem, New York, 30 10-year-olds sit in front of electric pianos playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star together. They have thes elessonstwice each week, always using their own piano and always under the instruction of a dedicated piano teacher.

Those who work at the school will tell you that these sessions are changing the children. The catchment area is an area of deprivation where 75 per cent of students are eligible for free school meals and more than 50 per cent do not hit state test standards. Since introducing the piano curriculum, some students who did not come to school now attend every day; children have begun engaging with learning like they never had before; and there has been a transformation in the attitude, motivation and application that all students demonstrate in class. "It makes us feel much more proud of ourselves," explains fifth-grader Lindell Raison. "[The piano lessons] give us inspiration, hard work and dedication."