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Bill Frisell - Guitar and the Space Age! Joshua Light Show / Sacaramento Press

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One of America's most revered jazz guitarist, Bill Frisell, is melding music with art at a unique performance that combines music from his latest 1950s and '60s inspired album with the psychedelic art of the Joshua Light Show.

Playing on April 24 at the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts, the show will feature the brilliant guitar strokes of this imaginative musician as he plays songs from his 2014 release "Guitar and the Space Age!". The concurrently playing Joshua Light Show will give audience members a chance to experience the sights of magical, analog light projections that, in the 1960s, opened for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who and Chuck Berry.

"For me the music and some of the visual things that go with the music are so much about letting your imagination go and…trying to make things better and beautiful," said Frisell.

Frisell went back to his roots for "Guitar in the Space Age!" by visiting the American electric guitar songs that first inspired him to play. What resulted is interpretations of 1950s and '60s songs by artists including Pete Seeger, Joe Meek, Mel London, The Byrds, The Astronauts, Chet Atkins, Brian Wilson, and Junior Wells as well as some original Frisell songs. Frisell says the concert is expected to include not only songs from the album, but also moments of spontaneity.

"I feel lucky to have an audience that's willing to go along. There's an element of risk and I think, in that, there could be a big reward," said Frisell. "Rather than just playing it safe…there's a lot of improvisation in what we do and I think that makes it hopefully more exciting and interesting for the audience to follow along and check out what happens."