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Radical Face - Missing Film 'is in the images' / The Indy Review

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Radical Face‘s new album Missing Film is instrumental. The key is in the images it evokes and if those images are pretty. And the music, does it arouse some sort of sentiment?

Pianos and strings cultivate this rich soundscape. I found the songs took me to various locales from a walk in overgrown grasses between old oak trees with the breeze brushing the branches together on a summer afternoon ("Horizon Lines") to a cold morning on a battlefield, puffs of breath crystallized with soldiers gripping spear hafts and waiting to find out what destiny holds for them ("Tension"). Or there's some friends running ("I'll Be There Soon") supported by a playful synthesizer. And then death, and sadness and love lost ("Ashes in the Wind," "Waltzing in the Ashes," "Hearsay," "Leaving the Ground"). But that's what the producer in my mind's eye sees. What does yours?

This album affirms my suspicions that Ben Cooper (the force behind the band) could score a moody indie drama. His music, already featured in films and TV shows, inspires such rich emotion- generally along the sad and/or nostalgic tenor- that he'd have little problem hitting the climactic highs and intense lows that a film project would ask of him.