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Monster audio products - Top rock bassists Poll / New York Daily News

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"Best of" polls -- and the supposedly definitive lists they produce -- have prompted many a dinner-table war and drop-dead silent treatment. When the topic is rock music, fiery critics and fans of all tastes should prepare themselves for the eruption of World War III. Monster audio products asked 1,000 Americans to name their favorite bassists of all time. See who thumped out the competition below.  The list is below. SEE THE Daily News PAGE

10. Victor Wooten - The five-time Grammy Award winner joined Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in the mid-1980s. Wooten, who played alongside his brother Roy in the band, contributed smooth jazz melodies influenced by R&B.

9. Les Claypool - Primus' lead vocalist and bassist drew inspiration from the likes of Geddy Lee and Paul McCartney and brought funk to the world of rock. "Pork Soda," one of the group's biggest hits, was a huge draw for fans who flocked to Lollapalooza in 1993.

8. Jaco Pastorius - Electric bassist brought soul to rock music with his groove and melody, and collaborated with the likes of Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock. He made a huge splash with his eponymous album in 1976.

7. Jack Bruce - The Cream bassist teamed with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in the 1960s to become a powerful force, offering an eclectic mix of blues and hard rock. Bruce's subtle, psychedelic style is highlighted best on tracks including "White Room" and "Spoonful."

6. Geddy Lee - He wore three hats in Rush as the lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist. The group, featuring Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson, became one of the most successful Canadian rock bands of all time.

5. Cliff Burton - His time in Metallica was cut short, but no less impactful than his fellow band members. The bassist died in a bus accident while touring Sweden and Denmark in 1986. He's remembered for contributions to songs including "Orion," "Anesthesia" and "Creeping Death."

4. John Entwistle - The founding member of the Who and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, often referred to as "The Ox," played a key role in revolutionizing the modern sound of rock music.

3. Flea - The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, whose given name is Michael Balzary, started his journey to becoming one of the top bassists with the group's first album, "BloodSugarSexMagik," in 1991. He grew up on jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, and joined forces with Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons.

2. John Paul Jones - Born John Baldwin, he was classically trained in piano but began playing the bass guitar as a teen with groups like the Rolling Stones, the Outlaws and the Mindbenders before Jimmy Page recruited him to join Led Zeppelin in 1968. Even after his heyday with the group, he enjoyed a successful career as a composer for other artists.

1. Paul McCartney - Fronted The Beatles as bassist, vocalist and pianist, and co-wrote most of their songs. Soon after the group disbanded, in 1970, he founded Wings with his wife Linda and Denny Laine, and later launched a successful solo career.