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'Aint It A Good Thing' according to Dom Flemons / HuffPost

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A few words from Dom Flemons about -  'Aint It A Good Thing' 

"I first heard this song from the definitive recording made by Memphis songster Frank Stokes. In 2006, when I first went to the Mt. Airy Fiddler's Convention in North Carolina, I bought a copy of Will Slayden's album African-American Banjo Songs from West Tennessee from John Hatton's CD store. The album floored me. The last song on the record was a banjo tune called 'Good Thing Got More Than One,' which shared the same chorus as the Stokes song. Stokes performed in the 'old breakdown style' that was popular around the turn of the century. This is the music that inspired W.C. Handy in his composition 'The Memphis Blues,' and it is also the root of the dance music known as 'Crump'--its name is derived from Boss Crump, who ran Memphis during Frank Stokes' time. The song is deep on so many levels without even mentioning its subject matter."