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Ronn McFarlane says the lute is making a comeback /

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The lute is a European stringed instrument that peaked in popularity about 400 years ago, and Ronn McFarlane thinks the time is right for a comeback. McFarlane and his group, Ayreheart, have two lute players. The music they make combines melodies from the Renaissance and Baroque periods with the drive of rock 'n' roll. In fact, McFarlane got hooked on the lute by way of rock 'n' roll. He was inspired to take up the guitar after hearing a band play "Wipe Out" at his high school field day. He became more serious about the guitar and attended music conservatory where he turned to the classical style, which led to an interest in early music.

"I really loved the oldest music from the guitar," said McFarlane. "The Renaissance and Baroque music-most of that had originally been lute music that had been arranged for the classical guitar. So gradually I began filling my guitar repertoire with more and more lute music and finally gravitated over to actually playing the lute."  READ THE FULL ARTICLE