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Watch new video for Max Richter's 'Vladimir's Blues' / udiscovermusic.

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BAFTA-winning film-maker Yulia Mahr revealed her new video for ‘Vladimir's Blues', from Max Richter's album The Blue Notebooks. The global premiere was preceded by a 30-minute live chat between Yulia Mahr and Max Richter. The film is an artistic response to escalating global tension.

‘Vladimir's Blues' is about fragile beauty and the power of small things to elevate our everyday experience. Yulia Mahr's short film unlocks the positive power of a technology originally developed for surveillance and military purposes. She essentially subverts that purpose, using thermal imaging cameras – which transform infrared radiation (heat) into visible images – in a creative context to shape a narrative about a composition and the inspiration behind it.

‘Vladimir's Blues' has so far received over 105 million streams and is Max Richter's No.1 streaming track. The Blue Notebooks was not only a protest album, but meditation on violence in general, and particularly the violence that Richter experienced around him as a child. Max Richter would escape his unhappy childhood through music, literature and a love and fascination for beautiful things – especially butterflies. Mahr poignantly highlights Richter's story of a lost child escaping into music in ‘Vladimir's Blues' and also leans on her own difficult childhood.