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A musical journey with Sol Gabetta / Deutsche Welle

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She's a TV host in Germany, a cello teacher in Switzerland and has her own music festival. Sol Gabetta also co-founded the the Capella Gabetta, a period instrument orchestra we'll hear this hour. Sol Gabetta considers each performance a journey she wants to take the audience along on, telling DW, "It's interesting to see them afterwards. Having been with me on a two-hour trip, they go away satisfied. After a concert, I'm not the same person either." That spirit, adds Gabetta, depends highly on the people in the auditorium: "To get close to the listeners, I have to feel right. People come with different feelings. My goal is to take them into my personal space. Sometimes I sense that the whole audience is with me after only 10 minutes. But sometimes, in a two-hour concert, I have to work at it for an hour and 50 minutes. Sometimes it happens only at the very end."