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Michael Shapiro talks ARCHANGEL with the Rio Grande Guardian

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Interview with Rio Grande Guardian, Mario Munoz

New York-based composer, conductor and author Michael Shapiro recently recovered from COVID-19. While in hospital in New York he had help from the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland, thanks to a local nun. "She got on the phone with the priests and the nuns in Dublin… and they prayed Mass for me. Can you imagine, a Jewish boy from Brooklyn?"

Shapiro said this is representative of a connection, spiritually, between all of us. "Blessings to those lovely people. I will never forget it."It confirms where I believe all of us in beloved United States and and international countries must go. It is not heady stuff. This is just everyday stuff. Kindness and mercy," Shapiro said. "I do believe it can make our theater our music and our painting and sculpture, you name it, and just ordinary life richer and better."

Shapiro has a new album out, titled Archangel. It is performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, with Steven Beck on piano.