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Simone Dinnerstein - Broadway-Lafayette / KUAF Interview

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Interview with KUAF's Katy Henriksen

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein's Broadway-Lafayette Sony Classical celebrates the time-honored transatlantic link between France and America through the music of George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Maurice Ravel (Piano Concerto in G Major), and Philip Lasser (The Circle and the Child: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, written for Dinnerstein). The album was recorded with conductor Kristjan Järvi and the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, by Grammy-winning producer Adam Abeshouse.

Dinnerstein feels a deep connection to the music she plays, and wants her audience to feel it, too. "There's a real question as to the place of classical music in our society. There are really no other experiences that are similar to going to a classical concert. […] I think it's important to figure out ways of bringing classical music concerts into our modern culture," Dinnerstein said in a recent chat with KUAF: Fayettville AR - Of Note host Katy Henriksen. LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW