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Bela Fleck & Brooklyn Rider start with a bang in Indiana

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Béla Fleck's concert with Brooklyn Rider started with a bang. No, that's not just a saying. The performance, which took place in a packed Loeb Playhouse, began with the four members of Brooklyn Rider literally banging on their instruments, the same way chimps might if they encountered a violin for the first time. Last Friday night, Brooklyn Rider seemed to encounter classical music for the first time. They did not play like chimps.

Fleck plucked sounds from his 1937 Gibson Mastertone like he was the wry, child-like and very talented king of the jungle. He's so used to playing great music that he makes it look almost offensively easy. He'd lean back on his chair, an intricate melody flowing from his banjo, and look over at Colin Jacobsen furiously scratching away at his violin, then over at Eric Jacobsen tapping his cello and stomping the ground - as if to say, "what on Earth is this racket?"  READ THE FULL Lafayette Journal & Courier STORY