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Radio's Loves David Chesky's New York Rags

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Radio has been responding enthusistically to David Chesky's latest CD:  'The New York Rags.' As hoped, the album is resonating with both Classical and Jazz programmers. Here's what they are saying.  

Plaudits to Chesky, a bullseye from this fan of Reginald Robinson, Scott Joplin et al. Love 'Kids You're Late For School Rag.'
WNUR: Chicago

This went straight into ROT. Ragtime on steriods. This album just made me smile. I could practically see New York as I was listening.
KSPC: Claremont CA

'New York Rags FULL of riches'
WBGO: Newark NJ(NYC)

A lot of head and hands on these. Astounding technique. Short virtuosic bursts of brilliance. BTW, we also used for pledge and it fit perfectly between pitches.
WDVR: Sergeantsville NJ( Phila. )

Love David Chesky! Your one sheet alluded to one of the greatest piano records ever and for once I understand the hyperbole. I'd say it's the best ‘pianist's record' record of the year so far. I never thought Ragtime & New Music could be such a natural combo.
KUNM: Albuquerque

Excited by the Chesky record. Also about the label and it's amazing vision. They are trailblazers and fascinating. Loved our Interview.
CFBX: Kamloops, BC CAN

We BLOGGED about it!
Texas Public Radio    

Pretty interesting
KCRW: Los Angeles

A very good addition with its varied programmatic titles
KXMS: Joplin MO