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Madeleine Peyroux - Secular Hymns / The Straits Times review

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Since singer Madeleine Peyroux debuted in 1996 with her album, Dreamland, she has carved out an idiosyncratic path through the borderlands connecting jazz, blues and pop. She leans to the bluesy side of the jazz repertoire, but she also frequently flexes her muscle as a distinctive interpreter of lyricists/composers who have the same penchant for the declamatory storytelling style that is so much a part of the blues. Her latest album - an eclectic collection of tunes by songsmiths ranging from Eric Clapton and Tom Waits to Allen Toussaint and Sister Rosetta Tharpe - is an assured acoustic outing that benefits from her drily ironic delivery and her warm timbre sharpened with a nasal edge. Accompanied by her regular sideman guitarist Jon Herington and bassist Barak Mori, she makes full use of the cosy reverb of the recording venue - a 200-seat 12th-century parish church in Oxfordshire where she has gigged before.