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Danae Xanthe Vlasse chats with North Cotswold Radio

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Interview with North Cotswold Radio

Critically-acclaimed composer Danaë Xanthe Vlasse's new album Mythologies has been nominated for the GRAMMY® Award for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album. Featuring sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur – the literal and figurative muses for Mrs. Vlasse – the stunning new album honors her heritage with a collection of works inspired by Ancient Greek myths.

"I'm overjoyed by this immense honor, and I couldn't be happier to share in this moment with my most beloved colleagues who each gave all their talent and passion throughout the entire MYTHOLOGIES project," said Danaë Xanthe Vlasse.

Hila Plitmann added, "Feeling grateful to the core for being included in such tremendously moving art, and to being surrounded by the most extraordinary and exquisitely expressive musicians and creators who challenge elevate my own artistry."

"Recording Mythologies was such a special experience. Danaë and Hila are both dear to my heart. This great achievement and honor of a nomination was born from an endless celebration of love, friendship and divine creativity," echoed Sangeeta Kaur.

Vlasse's father Marcus (née Vlassopoulos) grew up on the island of Ithaca, once ruled by Homer's legendary hero, Odysseus. Mythologies centers on vocal works featuring sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur whose powerful yet enchanting voices embody the irresistible lure of the infamous "Sirens" and narrate scenes from Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey.

Mythologies celebrates some of the most lasting myths of history and invites listeners to ponder long-standing cultural concepts, such as idolized heroism, divine power, crisis of faith and morality, and the junction of fate and free-will.

One of the album's standout tracks "Penelope" was performed live as part of Sangeeta Kaur's current television special airing nationwide on the public television series Front & Center. 

Danaë Xanthe Vlasse is an award-winning composer and pianist, born in France to a Greek father and French mother. Her music encompasses art song, chamber music, works for solo piano and choral pieces.  Following a deeply fulfilling collaboration on her 2020 album Poème, which celebrated Danaë's French upbringing, Mythologies is a creative exploration of Ms. Vlasse's Greek heritage, bringing its well-known myths into the realm of contemporary classical music, in the voices of sopranos Hila Plitmann and Sangeeta Kaur, joined by a select group of acclaimed instrumentalists, including the composer herself at the piano in four of the pieces. While inspired by ancient stories and characters, Mythologies is a timeless expression of ideas so deeply ingrained in our culture that they become a fair reflection of our present, and project well into the future.

Hila Plitmann is a GRAMMY®-winning singer, songwriter and actress, is recognized internationally for her stunning stage presence and ability to perform challenging new music across a vast range of genres. She has performed as a guest soloist with the many of the world's leading conductors and with major orchestras including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, and the London Symphony Orchestra. For more information, please visit

Sangeeta Kaur (Teresa Mai) is a Vietnamese American award-winning soprano, mantra singer, songwriter and producer who performs internationally, and is known as a renaissance woman of the modern musical age. Her work transcends genre with critics applauding her voice as one of "wisdom and elegance" (Triloka/Mercury Records), and her concert tours have taken her to venues as prestigious as the Sydney Opera House. She is the founder of Empower With Art Productions, a non-profit organization and production company that is dedicated to creating new and transformative musical productions that have positive impact on the world. Her most recent album Illuminance and single "In All of Time" are available now on Domo Records, and her television special is currently airing on the public television series Front & Center nationwide. For more information, please visit

LISTEN TO Danaë Xanthe Vlasse's attached conversation with Peter Lewis from the UK's North Cotswold Radio