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Simone Dinnerstein - Bach Inventions & Sinfonias / Fanfare review

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Simone Dinnerstein's performances illustrate that multi-dimensional understanding with remarkable clarity and finesse. Her impeccable finger-work makes manifest the high standards of technical execution to which Bach held his students, while at the same time, her lyrical-I'm almost tempted to say, rhapsodic-expressive readings reveal the inner beauties of these exercises, which are more musically sophisticated than they might seem in lesser hands.

Dinnerstein's 1903 Hamburg Steinway, an instrument of grand virtues, is captured beautifully by Sony's production team in two different venues. Bach Inventions  & Sinfonias was recorded in June 2012 at New York's American Academy of Arts and Letters; the Sinfonias in July 2013, at the Performing Arts Center, Purchase College, New York. Strongly recommended. Jerry Dubins