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Lyn Stanley interview with BroadwayWorld

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Over the past six years International Recording Artist Lyn Stanley has sold more than 38.000.albums - currently worldwide, but before that time she had had absolutely no singing experience whatsoever. I, like practically all journalists, was amazed to hear this. "Not even singing along to background music on the stereo or radio as a child?" I asked. Directly and sincerely she replied,

Within a year of each other, she has produced the previously mentioned Lost in Romance, Potions, songs from the 50s, Interludes, Moonlight Sessions, on two discs, and the latest London Calling, a Tribute to Julie London. A live to disc recording D2D (Direct to Disc) called London with a Twist is in progress. In fact, a single from it is already receivng air play. When the album is released this spring, it will be her 7th.There is no stopping Stanley's passion and ambition to move further up the ladder.