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Angele Dubeau discusses 'ELLE' with Detroit's 90.9WRCJ

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Interview with WRCJ's Peter Whorf

On February 11, violinist Angèle Dubeau released ELLE, a new album that magnificently marks the 25 years of existence of her orchestra La Pietà. This 46th album resonates with the feminine sensitivity and virtuosity specific to Angèle Dubeau and the ensemble she founded in 1997, which has ever since demonstrated its artistic excellence and audacity.

ELLE transports listeners to a mesmerizing universe, that is alternately powerful and delicate, touching and ethereal. It features curated pieces by female composers from both here and abroad. François Vallières and Angèle Dubeau are responsible for the arrangements and orchestrations of most of the album recorded at the Église St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil. Carl Talbot is the producer.

Angèle wrote……“How should I celebrate the 25th anniversary of La Pietà' The answer came naturally to me: through music. An album entirely conceived, composed and played by women—ELLE, in the singular, because each woman is unique. Curious, I began listening to works by female composers, selecting without any barriers, open to discovery, guided by my instinct and my pleasure.

My approach was oriented towards contem- porary female composers, but I also wanted to take a little trip back in time to Hildegard von Bingen, an important 12th century visionary whose writings and scores have survived to this day. I also made a dream I’ve had for over 10 years of creating a poignant exchange between Inuit throat singing and my violin come true.  

Violinist Angèle Dubeau and her ensemble La Pietà have just released their newest recording entitled Elle. The all-women orchestra presents music composed by women from the 12 century’s Hildegard Von Bingen to present day artists. 90.9’s Peter Whorf recently spoke with Dubeau about her recent collection. She started with its earliest composer