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Clear, with bright melodies, Angele Dubeau's 'Immersion' is an uplifting work for the pandemic / SFCV

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SFCV'S Ben Kutner writes.....Oh, the many faces of Angèle Dubeau's violin. The Canadian violinist's newest album, a collaboration with orchestra La Pietà, presents a dazzling range of sound. This 14-track album is an eclectic mix of film music and concert music by postmodern masters. Quiet music is rendered joyous on Immersion. The tracks are short in length and many composers make an appearance, including Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Jonny Greenwood, and Ólafur Arnalds.

Dubeau's choice of pieces for this album is noteworthy. Drawing from a wide range of composers and source material, she pulls off what few can do these days - a coherent album of contemporary classical music. Although the album features many composers, there is a clear arc to it. I was surprised to find how well the pieces functioned when listened to in order.

For an album released during a pandemic, Immersion is an uplifting work. This is no small feat considering the predominantly slow tempos. But Dubeau's choice of pieces with clear, bright melodies over simple accompaniment makes for an album filled with hope.