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Anne Akiko Meyers' passion for Fantasia / MOOD MEDIA

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If you've heard violinist Anne Akiko Meyers play, you've undoubtedly heard her passion for music shine through in her performance. Talking to her about her latest album, Fantasia, that same passion was clear when she spoke. It was her passion that led her to contact the Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara to see if he would write a piece for her. As a lifelong fan of Rautavaara, particularly his Cantus Arcticus – an "amazing piece where he actually went into a bird preserve and recorded these birds singing and chirping and incorporated it into the work" – Meyers approached Rautavaara in 2015 when the late composer was 85 years old. She asked him if he would consider writing a shorter work for violin and orchestra, and he responded with an immediate yes. That is how the title track to the album was born.