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Lisa Batiashvili - Bach / WCRB: CD Of the Week

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300 years ago, J.S. Bach was 29 years old. He had yet to hit his stride as a composer, yet he had already written several masterpieces. After all this time, Bach's music still retains a staying-power unlike any other composer's. Its distinct puzzle-like complexity and emotional depth seem like new discoveries to each successive generation. And each generation reinvigorates Bach's music on its own terms.

The current generation has a wide spectrum to navigate in this music after several decades of historically informed performance practice research. Georgian violinist Lisa Batiashvili takes all of that into account in her new recording of Bach's music but is ultimately guided by its innate beauty prefering to perform these older works with modern instruments and techniques.

Lisa Batiashvili - Bach is the WCRB: Boston 'CD Of the Week.'