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Sarah Chang energizes Wichita Symphony opener / Wichita Eagle

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The 2015-16 Wichita Symphony Orchestra Classics Concerts series began with a dazzling display of varied and energetic showpieces on Saturday under the baton of maestro Daniel Hege, joined by violinist Sarah Chang for two sensational solo works.

Chang first performed a suite from Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story," arranged for her by composer David Newman. The freely rhapsodic arrangement spun virtuosic solo lines around "Cool," "There's A Place For Us," "Maria" and "Mambo." Chang played with a silvery, delicate tone throughout, sometimes in danger of being swamped by the full orchestra.

Intimate moments were better balanced, such as a duet between Chang and concertmaster John Harrison that gradually grew to include the entire string section. The most thrilling passages were in "Mambo," in which arranger Newman had made the most daring transformations of the original material into concerto-like passage work, a challenge Chang tore into with gusto, matched by the energy and enthusiasm of the orchestra.  READ THE FULL Wichita Eagle REVIEW