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J.D. Souther - Tenderness / Sydney Morning Herald review

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As collaborator with the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and many others, JD Souther was one of the key figures in the West Coast Sound, but on the velvety Tenderness he comes on like Harry Nilsson – if old Harry had hit middle age – with just a hint of Willie Nelson during his Stardust phase. Souther has reinterpreted the Great American Songbook in a way that renders Rod Stewart's recent efforts pretty embarrassing. Funny thing is that these (mainly) love songs are Souther's, but with the help of a stellar musical cast, including the elegant string arrangements of Grammy winner Billy Childs, he manages to make them sound ageless and more than a little familiar. If Cole Porter was still around, he'd give Tenderness a resounding thumbs up. For more Souther cool, check out hit TV soap Nashville, where he plays kingmaker Watty White. Now that's perfect casting. JEFF APTER

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