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The Music of Strangers. Emotional tour de force / MOVE

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In the very first shot of "The Music of Strangers" we see internationally acclaimed musician Yo-Yo Ma enter a room with his instrument, then look at the camera and say, "This is my cello. Have you ever seen one before?" Oscar-winning director Morgan Neville's film then continues to weave the stories of the members of the Silk Road Ensemble - a band of musicians from around the globe started by Yo-Yo Ma - together in a beautiful way that examines the role of music and the arts alongside identity, conflict and tragedy.

The documentary profiles several of the Silk Road Ensemble musicians, who went through their own incredible journey of mastering an instrument, travelling abroad and hoping to find out their role in the world. "The Music of Strangers" is about more than music; it's about the human condition. It's about how one continues life after tragedy, how one defines "home" and how one determines their own cultural identity.    READ THE FULL Maneater ARTICLE.     WATCH The Music of Strangers TRAILER