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Martha Argerich is Capital Public Radio - Artist Of The Week

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There is a growing divide between the audiences of today and classical musicians of the 21st century. As many know, the bulk of what we call the classical music canon was produced hundreds of years ago, and by composers that are now deceased. When this music was conceived, composers had their favorite performers for whom they would write their music. And oftentimes, the interpreter was just as revered as their songwriting counterparts. They would offer advice, critique, and even edit the work. So as this music falls deeper and deeper into legend, it's good to remind ourselves that it was once very real and very human. More importantly, that it still can be. That's where the Artist of the Week on CapRadio Music comes in. We want to showcase the vessel through which this beautiful, timeless music continues to endure. Skilled performers will always find the connection to today's audiences within the music. And in each new generation of classical musicians, the best artists step away from the rest of the pack and channel these compositions as if the music were written specifically for them.

So, with that in mind, Capital Public Radio's morning classical host Kevin Doherty shares his thoughts on some new releases worth hearing and his selection for Artist Of The Week: Argentinian pianist Martha Argerich. At 76, she is still performing today and a "rock star" in the classical music world. When she was coming to prominence in the 60s, you could easily mistake Argerich for someone who ran with Joan Baez or Bob Dylan. Let's just say she has a coolness factor. Argerich gives off an air of not caring much outside the performance hall. While she's never been too keen on the profession of being a world-class musician, she remains one of the great pianists of our time. Her stellar musicianship, photographic memory, and sincere love of the music set her apart from others.She plays with passion, power, and grace and can change on a dime. Like in this clip from Franz Liszt's first piano concerto. You'll hear Argerich follow the first theme of the orchestra with her version which, you'll hear, competes in sound and power with the ensemble; then she reigns it in with the utmost tenderness and sensitivity.

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