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Kondonassis | Vieaux - Together / Second Inversion

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The harp may be among the oldest musical instruments-dating back to at least as early as 3500 BCE in Ancient Mesopotamia-but that doesn't mean an old instrument can't learn new tricks. Renowned classical harpist Yolanda Kondonassis recently joined forces with Grammy Award-winning classical guitarist Jason Vieaux to record an album of new music which pushes beyond the limits of simply classical. The album, titled "Together," explores the vivid colors and rich textures of contemporary repertoire for harp and guitar by showcasing works by five composers from diverse musical backgrounds.

The result is a vibrant program of music which travels seamlessly from lush melodies to simple folk dances to Argentine tango and even the modal tonalities of traditional Asian music. Some of the pieces even use unique harp effects such as pedal glisses, whistles, harmonics, "washboard" strumming, and percussive knocking on the soundboard.