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Milos Karadaglic on KDFC: State Of the Arts

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As we celebrate 'With a Little Bit of Pluck' during our Carnival of the Instruments, a look at how one of the top guitarists working today got his start - largely by chance. Miloš Karadaglić didn't come from a particularly musical family, and as a child in Montenegro didn't have musical aspirations - until he heard what Segovia could do.

Milos as he is known, has released several CDs now, both playing solo recital repertoire, as well as accompanied by orchestra. But he didn't feel the pull of a musical career early on... and benefitted from an instrument that happened to be at his house. "I didn't fancy to play the violin, or piano, or anything like that. I remembered we had a guitar, I had a good voice. I wanted to sing and play the guitar, strum a couple of chords, and that was it. And that's why I was attracted to the guitar. And I think that's how everybody's attracted to the guitar in the beginning." He says he almost gave up the instrument in the early days of his studies, "...until the time when I heard the guitar played by Segovia, and I wanted to be able to create the music on the guitar which sounded like that."

SCROLL DOWN TO LISTEN....KDFC: San Francisco - State Of the Arts INTERVIEW with Milos and Jeffrey Weyr