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Reverb celebrates Bernard Herrmann's 107th birthday with Psycho

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If you're at all familiar with Alfred Hitchcock's pioneering work in suspense and horror films, you are also indirectly familiar with Bernard Herrmann's musical legacy. Much like John Williams and Steven Spielberg's relationship, as well as Danny Elfman and Tim Burton's, Hitchcock and Herrmann together married visual and aural drama in a way that still remains powerful and relevant, many decades after their initial conceptions.

Today, on what would've been Herrmann's 107th birthday, we are celebrating the life and art of the groundbreaking film composer, whose work-with Orson Welles, François Truffaut, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, and many others-pioneered many of the contemporary incidental-dramatic musical suspense techniques for the silver screen that are still studied today.

His landmark score to Hitchcock's Psycho is Herrmann's best-known work, containing what some refer to as "The Hitchcock Chord"-a 7th chord that contains both major and minor intervals. For this recreation, I employed Kontakt library from Best Service called The Orchestra. To recreate the natural space around these orchestral instruments, I created project-specific presets and settings with Eventide's ultra-realistic Tverb reverb plugin-based on the innovative recording techniques of David Bowie producer/engineer, Tony Visconti-which models the live room at Berlin's famed Hansa Studios. Listen to the Reverb Exclusive audio demos below to hear my recreation of this iconic score with these exceptional virtual instruments and effects processors.   READ & LISTEN via Reverb