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Shabaka Hutchings interview with Rhythm Passport

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Sons of Kemet are no longer a fresh faced new group on the London music scene. After five years and two successful albums, their name has spread far-and-wide becoming a sought after act. Their music is more eclectic and harder to define than ever, but that doesn't prevent it is enthralling. In fact, their fanbase grows after every performance.

We had the chance to enjoy the band's latest gig in London at Battersea Arts Centre during Borderless Festival and we seized the moment to have a chat with Shabaka Hutchings, founder member of the project and one of the most inventive saxophonists of the UK jazz community. After five years of Sons of Kemet, we asked Shabaka to take stock of the experience. How has the band's approach to music changed?      READ THE Rhythm Passport INTERVIEW