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Rachel Barton Pine makes a PublicRadio90 - Classiclectic Connection

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Interview with Public Radio 90's Kurt Hauswirth

Violin soloist Rachel Barton Pine performs Dvorak and Khachaturian concertos with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (led by Teddy Abrams) on this recording from Avie Records. Growing up with a piece of music is something very special for many instrumentalists, and that's something that violin soloist Rachel Barton Pine has done in this new recording (along with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra led by Teddy Abrams), taking on two violin concertos: Dvořák's and Khachaturian's. Classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth had an opportunity to speak with Rachel Barton Pine about this new release from Avie Records.

LISTEN TO THE PublicRadio90 - Classiclectic Connection SEGMENT