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Pile, listening to Joep Beving / Brooklyn Vegan

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Pile‘s new album Green and Gray is out today on Exploding In Sound Records, and it sees the Boston band's unique take on grungy post-hardcore in fine form. Pile are also gearing up for a tour that will hit Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 23 with C.H.E.W. and Pelican Movement. As Pile are getting ready to hit the road, we asked the band what music they've been listening to lately, and all four members picked some songs and albums and wrote some commentary for each one. Here's a bit on Joep Beving's new recording – Henosis.

This is the third in a trilogy of recordings that I have followed closely. With this last one He has added a small orchestra to add to his minimalist piano compositions. This and all of Joep's recordings create a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere. Great for working around the house or computer tasks. The track "Anima" is a great example of the foundation of Joep's works.

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