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Hans Zimmer's Radio City concert was one of the best ever / Read Junk

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Composer Hans Zimmer and his traveling band of talented musicians finally played New York City last night at Radio City Music Hall! I have been waiting to see the man perform live for many years, when his Wings of a Film live album was released in 2001. Without a doubt, this was one of the best concerts I've had ever seen and it was well worth the wait!

Hans has hand-picked some of the best musicians in the world to play on this tour and it shows. A lot of the featured musicians get their time to shine, and he brings them up front or recognizes them afterwards. The cellist Tina Guo is incredible with her hair-whipping, metal-styling of cello playing. She's so theatrical when playing, I love it and wish I got to shoot this concert just because of her alone. Violinists Molly Rogers and Leah Zeger are extremely talented as well. I've noticed Drummer Satnam Ramgotra and his playing since seeing several years ago when he play Inception's "Mombasa" on Youtube and knew he was going to be great. Definitely one of the best drummers I've seen live. Johnny Marr's son Niles has been filling in for Pops and has been doing a stellar job, as well lead guitarist Guthrie Govan. (Figures the day I don't see this concert, Johnny Marr actually showed up and played.)