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Four insomniacs put Max Richter's 'Sleep' to the test...does it really work? /

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The EIGHT-HOUR lullaby for adults promising a perfect night's sleep: Four insomniacs put new £25 classical record to the test... so does it really work? BBC Radio 3 will broadcast eight-hour 'lullaby' this weekend in full Titled 'Sleep', record is designed to promote good quality slumber Composer Max Richter consulted neuroscientist when making the record

Anyone who's grappled with insomnia will tell you that they'd do almost anything to be able to get a good night's sleep. It's a malaise that almost all of us have suffered from at some point in our lives.   The clock ticks, you toss and turn, the darkness turns to a half-light, the birdsong begins...and then slumber takes you, ten minutes before you're supposed to get up for work. Sleeping like a baby? Four FEMAIL writers played the music while sleeping overnight. Bianca London said she felt fresher in the morning but didn't like sleeping in headphones.

When Radio 3 sends it out over the airways live and in its entirety on Saturday, it will be the longest single piece of music ever to be broadcast by the corporation. More than a few insomniacs are expected to tune in.  Richter's album, titled Sleep, is eight hours long; an unbroken piece of music that the composer has described as 'my personal lullaby for a frenetic world'. 

'I had to do something more than offer sympathetic words':...That's the headline story; but for anyone who's ever battled a sleep problem, it may also offer a glimmer of hope to those whose heads hit the pillow every night but find they can't switch off. The condensed album version of the works, priced at a princely £25, is already top of the music charts. Discussing the work, Richter says he became fascinated by what goes on 'under the hood' while we're asleep and worked with a neuroscientist to make music that might actually enhance the sleeping experience.  READ THE FULL Daily Mail ARTICLE



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