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On the road with Hans Zimmer / RollingStone

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The last time Hans Zimmer was a touring musician, it was around the time Margaret Thatcher took office. Having moved from Germany to England for school as a teenager, opting out of college and having no more formal music training than two weeks of childhood piano lessons, he was playing keyboards for Krakatoa, an ultimately unsigned hard rock band. Now, in a seventh-floor suite in a Four Seasons outside of Dallas, Zimmer – the 59-year-old Academy Award-winning composer behind The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception and this year's critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk – is hours away from the first of 20 North American tour dates with a decidedly fuller set up: six buses, 10 semis, 19 touring musicians, pick-up orchestral players and choirs in every city – and a setlist featuring nearly 30 years of soundtrack music.     photo: Sacha Lecca for Rolling Stone